Another early Sunday morning rise to head over to the clinic and have my veins abused to check my hormone levels–again.  Thursday’s test was for LH (Luteinizing Hormone)-as you can see on the graph above there is a sharp spike of the green line on day 14, which is the average day most women will have their LH surge on.

Now I say “average” and “most” because it is not always the case for every woman.  And of course to make things nice and complicated every woman doesn’t always surge on the same day for every cycle.  Each and every cycle is different on the same woman-although if you are tracking your cycles, you will   notice some trends that for the most part can be then considered your norm.  Over the past 18 months I have become one with my cycles and know that I will always surge between cycle day (cd) 13 and 15, with over 85% of my cycles surging on cd14.  I also know that if I am not pregnant my period shows up right on schedule 14 days after the day I surge.

The test on Thursday (cd13) was to confirm that I still had a low level of LH (green line) in relation to Estradiol (the blue line).  This was their way of confirming that my body, when left to its own devices, was doing the right thing hormonally to coincide with the cycle day I was on.  And as the previous post had noted-I passed that test.

Today’s test is to confirm that I did in fact ovulate.  Again normally women release one egg each month, however on average women can have 1-2 cycles each year that even though all of the hormones were perfect, their body just didn’t have a mature egg to release.  Now I am sure you are thinking-“Who cares if you didn’t release an egg, they are going to *hopefully* put 2 embryos in you next week-so you don’t actually need that egg-right?”


The follicle (egg container) has 2  very important roles, the first is to house the maturing egg until it is all grown up and then release it, the second (and extremely important) role is once the egg has been released that follicle begins the production of progesterone.  Progesterone is essential in helping a baby implant into the uterus.  If there is not enough progesterone being made by the follicle (as would be the case if there was an immature egg released or no egg at all) the progesterone levels are low, then the uterine lining  becomes a more hostile place and impedes implantation and causes the uterus to create small contractions (to help expel the uterine lining during your period).  An implanting baby needs there to be high levels of progesterone in order for it to create a healthy placental connection to the mom, with no uterine contractions to make it even harder on the little ball of cells to put down roots.  SInce I fought hard to have a non-medicated cycle, it is imperative that my body made a healthy egg (even though it didn’t fertilize) because I need the follicle of that healthy egg to make progesterone to give those *hopefully* 2 perfect embryos a fighting chance in their battle against Uohdee-and lord knows they need all the help they can get!

I will find out this afternoon if this cycle was a healthy, normal, ovulating cycle-which will be indicative of my Progesterone level (black line) from my blood work this morning being 4 or higher.  I am keeping every thing crossed (fingers are simply not enough) that I can  clear this hurdle today and head for the final hurdle before the FET-embryos surviving the thaw process!