I passed the first hurdle (with flying colors no less) yesterday!  Uohdee’s lining is 8.6mm (needed above 7mm), I have 2 follicles cooking-one is 15mm, the other is 18mm (needed one at 15mm or bigger) and I didn’t surge before my appointment.

So now, we wait.  I typically surge on cycle day 14 (which is today) and the test strips are looking like that will be the case-but until I get the positive test strip-you just never know!  If I do in fact surge today, the F.E.T. will be scheduled for Tuesday.



Just in case you’re not up on how this works or the lingo…on the morning of the scheduled Frozen Embryo Transfer (these are the only 2 embryos we have remaining from our IVF cycle back in October that were cyropreserved on the small chance our IVF cycle was a bust), the embryologists will go in and pull my embryos from the nitrogen deep freeze sleep they’ve been in since October 16th.  They are then monitored over the next 6-8 hours to see if there is signs of life (the cells will begin dividing again).  Each embryo has about a 25% chance that it won’t make the thaw.  I will get a phone call around mid day on the day of the scheduled FET to let me know how things are looking and give me a time to come in that afternoon/early evening if there are any embryos for transfer.

Like the IVF cycle we did, they will perform assisted hatching (make a tiny little crack in the outside of the embryos “shell” to help increase our odds that it can implant into Uohdee) and then again we wait to see if I am pregnant.  And just like every other cycle-I’ll start testing at 9 days past ovulation  using my test strips that have been clinically proven to show that I am pregnant at insanely low levels-and with any luck we’ll see a second line (this time bright and beautiful…AMEN!) by 1/20.