The doctor’s don’t think you’re gonna make it.  They say 6 is way too low.   Where are you??  They are afraid you might not be snuggling down inside my uterus, but inside one of my fallopian tubes instead, I seriously hope that’s not the case-because that’s not very good for either of us.  Actually that would pretty much be a catastrophe.  Wish you could tell me where you were.

Watcha doin in there anyways??  This is no time for dilly dallying, let’s go!  Hop to it!  You need to get yourself all buried in there deep  (remember in my uterus not my tubes) and making some serious hCG and I mean ASAP!!!!

Please lil bean, don’t make me have tell your dad on the date his father died that he’s going to loose you too!  Stop mussing around in there and get to work!