removing the scar tissue *might* have done the trick!!

Although I will never be able to prove this scientifically-exactly 15 days after that doctor ripped my scar tissue out, I surged-confirmed with this LH test strip on Tuesday 12/7 at 5pm:

We of course did what every couple who wants to make a baby does (no need for pic).  And sure enough after a couple days of abnormal pinching in my uterus I took a pregnancy test 10 days after I ovulated, and I finally had one of these made by my very own body:

This was my first test (the very faint test line is between the 2 black lines)

And these I took 8 hours later (another internet cheapie and the gold standard of at home pregnancy tests a First Response Early Result) to make sure it wasn’t a batch of faulty tests giving me false ghost line positives.


Holy shit.  I am no longer NOT pregnant!  Who knows for how long, but for right now, there’s something going on in there!