I told you I’m not going to take this.


In my daily life-I attempt to do as much good as humanly possible through my profession.  It is how I have become so good at what I do, because all I want to do is help people feel better, be more fit and not loathe having to come into a gym in order to do so.  I am extremely lucky (thank you Dad for helping me make the decision to take this job 5 years ago) to be working where I work because the members of this Athletic Club aren’t your average every day joes and janes.  They are big players-and by big-I mean global big, not just for the town of Boston big.  They are the type of people who have the ability to give big to charity, who brush elbows with and have done favors for other big people along the way.  These members, some who have become long standing clients and thus friends of mine, are very much like me-they want to do good only they do so with the extra money they have made through their endeavors.

It was because of where I work that I met my on this planet guardian angels.  These angels have been with me every step of the way for the past 4 years, advising me, encouraging me, and simply being there to prop me back up after I’ve been knocked down by one of life’s blows because they are grateful for what I have done for their whole family while working with them and because they are just salt of the earth good people.  While they have offered many times in the past to help me when times have been tough-I have always graciously turned down any offers because I felt that I can’t return the favor because what they offer is always just so big.

Last January, this family knew what my husband and I were going through and they were as devastated by the loss of our pregnancy as we were.  Knowing that there was nothing they could do to help ease our pain, they were simply there for me-quietly behind the scenes.  I could feel their support, and because my mother is no longer alive, and both of my husbands parents are also deceased-it was much needed support during such a rough time.

The morning after I lost our baby girl, in the darkest most black place I have ever been in my 35 years of life-the son and daughter of this family sent a bouquet of flowers and simply stated:

“We are devastated, please know that we are here for you-always.”

Of all of our friends and family that were aware of our loss, this family was the only one who sent flowers or a card while I was home from the hospital.  This family also assumed that there was a serious financial burden on us due to the hospital bills and testing (without ever being told or asking).  So three months after our loss, for our first wedding anniversary, they set us up with a week long vacation to the Turks and Caicos in a house that you would see on the front cover of a luxury homes magazine.  We will never forget the incredible support and love this family has given us along the way.

And their support, it simply never stops.  This family-they stepped in without even being asked when they found out I was unable (after of 4 days of phone calling to Brigham and Womens Hospital) to arrange an appointment to be seen earlier than December 13th-and asked if I would mind if they called a member of the board of directors at BWH who owes them a favor.

So in my desperation-I have gone ahead and done something that I typically would not EVER do.  After digesting the idea of waiting 5 weeks until I can even discuss the option of hysteroscopy, I have decided to use a life line offered by a friend.

My answer to her question of calling in a favor this time was not “That is so amazingly generous, but no it’s okay, I’ll figure this out.”

This time-because I refuse to take it any more, as my eyes welled up with tears, I said “yes, please.”