Since our loss in January we have tried to get pregnant for 8 cycles.  2 of those 8 cycles we actually had 2 follicles per cycle-so essentially we have had up to 10 eggs over the past 10 months fail.  Those cycles, even with perfectly timed intercourse, great blood work showing that I am balanced enough to be making healthy eggs and a couple of IUI’s on the cycles where there were 2 mature follicles never yielded a pregnancy.  Since we know it isn’t an issue with sperm, or my hormones it only leaves 3 things that could potentially be preventing us from conception:

1. Eggs that aren’t easily fertilizable

2. A fertilized embryo that can’t get its act together in order to implant into the uterus

3. A uterus that won’t let an otherwise healthy embryo implant in it

Going into this accidental IVF I was hoping to be able to cross some if not all of those 3 things off the list so that I didn’t spend each month staring at a negative pregnancy test wondering what in the hell is wrong with me.

Well today I can cross one off!  They retrieved 10 mature eggs from me yesterday and to quote what the RE just told me over the phone… “it’s amazing, I have some incredible news for you on this Sunday afternoon-I can’t remember the last time I saw a fertilization rate of 90%.” I apparently have fabulously fertilize able eggs!  Yep that’s right 9 out of 10 of those eggs are fertilized and are in the beginning stages of division as I type.

It is somewhat relieving to know that my eggs are very easily fertilized by the hubbies sperm, but on the other hand now I am left wondering-if this is what has been happening in my body since January, then is there something wrong with my uterus since our loss in January that is preventing a pregnancy?  Since there is no way to tell if my uterus is defunct without a hysteroscopy, we have authorized assisted hatching to help the embryo’s that are transferred back on Tuesday have a better likely hood of implantation (this will hopefully rule out #2).

If in 13 days I am still not pregnant, we can safely assume there might actually be something wrong with my uterus and we will put trying to conceive on the back burner and immediately schedule a hysteroscopy for November so that we are 100% sure that there are no hidden issues that could make every future attempt at IVF a failure.

In the meantime, we will wait for a call tomorrow to tell us how well our 9 embryos are dividing and at what time on Tuesday afternoon the embryo transfer will take place.