Well if the goal for this mornings procedure was to make me look as swollen as a 6 month pregnant woman does and waddle like a full term pregnant woman does-than we have success!

There were 14 eggs retrieved, 10 of which were mature.  We will know tomorrow how many of those fertilized.

After a 15 minute long healthy exchange of ideas with the weekend Reproductive Endocrinologist (who I don’t like at all, and will be thrilled if this actually works so that I never have to see her again) we established that as long as there are 2 very healthy looking day 3 embryos on Tuesday-they will do what is called assisted hatching on them before they transfer them back to my uterus on Tuesday afternoon.

My request to at least be allowed the option of growing any fertilized embryos out to day 5 before transferring them-DENIED.

Back to bed for me!