This is what the nurse said when she walked into the lab to draw my blood (for the 7th time in 7 days) after reviewing my ultrasound showing that I have 12 follicles all within the healthy size range to hopefully house a mature egg, and 4 of them are between 20-24mm.  Apparently when you are viewed by the staff as a patient in the system-you and all of your information is red until your follicles and blood chemistry have matured enough to move forward with actually scheduling IVF.  Once the system has had your blood chemistry numbers put in along with correct number and size of mature follicles that are most likely to make IVF successful-you turn “green” in the system.

This morning I turned green!

This is really happening!!!  In the back of my mind this whole week I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Can it really be this easy to transition into IVF?  No way.  Somethings got to go wrong.  My body never cooperates.  But nope, it did just as it was supposed to and a day ahead of schedule.  We will be triggering these follicles tonight at a time that will be determined some time today because it needs to be exactly  34 hours before I am due in the operating room on Saturday morning for the egg retrieval.

I get tomorrow off from shots, blood draws and ultrasounds-Hoooorraaayyy!-and we will know sometime on Sunday how many of the eggs they retrieved were mature as well as how many of them have fertilized.