Fuck you.

In the past 4 weeks I have spent 18 20 hours on the phone to confirm that prescriptions that YOU mandate be filled only through YOU (of course by not covering them through any other pharmacy-is that even legal??) are actually being processed and approved and overnighted due to your double hoop jumping and supposed 7 day approval ridiculousness.

Really??  I ask you really???

Seriously, does my doctor have to submit 2 forms in addition to the basic prescription for the drug/s I need every single time I need any drug for fertility treatment even if that drug has been prescribed to me before AND ordered through YOU aka “Cigna tel drug” and clearly covered under my benefits?

Are you seriously reprimanding me over the phone right now for the “lack of notice” my doctor gave you after following all of your ridiculous rules to order a drug that we just established I would need this morning because the time frame she requested this drug to arrive at my door step doesn’t work with your 7 day approval and shipping process?  Yeah that’s what I thought, you are in-deed doing just that.

Well I’m sorry that YOU mandate that I get these drugs from YOU otherwise YOU will not pay for them even though they are covered under my benefits.  This is insanely ludicrous because I can easily walk in to the fertility medicine pharmacy with my prescription in my hand that is on my way home and pick these up right now so that I have them in time to take them as prescribed.

No I don’t want to call back in another hour to see if “someone” has approved this request which was clearly marked urgent.  I want to reach through the phone and punch you in the fucking face and then send you a bill for the hours of my life I have wasted on the phone with you trying to get the drugs I need.


The Management