Request to our insurance for coverage-


Now we are trying to quickly process all of the information that is normally done over a 6 week period in ohhhh about 24 hours.  The team is guessing we will be heading to Brigham on Friday 10/22 for the egg retrieval-but it could possibly be Saturday 10/23 it all depends on how my eggs mature over the next couple of nights.  In the meantime I am trying to do all of the necessary research so that I am able to better advocate for myself in this process to hopefully increase our chances of becoming pregnant through IVF.

It is becoming overwhelmingly apparent that what doctors do as standard practice for an IVF procedure isn’t necessarily because it is the most likely to end in a pregnancy.  They run a business, and because they do so, their standard operating procedures are figured out by weighing in risk, cost and effectiveness.  In the end THEY have nothing to loose  if you aren’t pregnant because guess what?  You’ll most likely be doing another IVF cycle with them and they will be charging you to store your frozen embryos to boot.

Since I could care less of what the costs are (my focus is only on it being a successful  procedure, which in the long run would be the most cost effective way) and I have no money to sue them  for some ridiculous reason I will be advocating for the things that will ensure that the most healthy embryo with the best chance of implantation is put back in me.  Again I will need luck here, because I already know their standard practice is a 3 day transfer when I know that I will only be comfortable with a 5 day transfer, and they currently claim that they won’t perform assisted hatching on my eggs because I am 3 weeks shy of the age you have to be for it to be done as standard practice.

Thank god I have 3 days to work my magic!