Extremely high Estradiol levels and about a dozen eggs.

Excuse me as this post will be nothing but run on sentences as I have not even had the chance to mentally process any of this yet.  Apparently I am responding well to the ovarian stimulating shots, too well as a matter of fact.  I am making WAY too many eggs in order to actually be allowed to have sex unprotected right now, never mind an IUI. at the end of the week . Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s great-lots of eggs, you’ll definitely get pregnant this cycle…


My IUI for this cycle has been canceled and pending insurance authorization tomorrow morning, we will *HOPEFULLY* be converting this cycle into an In Vitro Fertilization cycle.

Say what?

Yup, that’s right IVF.  Mind blowing yet again.  Since the drugs for this cycle were just over 3K and the time and efforts we have put in so far for monitoring and scanning, my doc didn’t want to abandon this cycle all together because there is a chance that I will have made at least 1 mature healthy egg that she can retrieve along with all the other ones and then fertilize them outside of my body which will successfully prevent a litter of fiscababies.  The hope is there is at least 1 good embryo after fertilization, preferably 2 so that they can put those little babies back in me and give us a 40% chance of being pregnant this cycle rather than a big fat 0%.  I can’t handle another big fat zero, not after all of this.

Please keep your fingers crossed that Cigna approves our request so that the end of next week we are retrieving these crazy eggs I’m making.