Today is cycle day 7 which is 5 days into the nightly ovarian stimulating injections for this cycle and it looks like I am responding as well as the doctor had hoped.  I had 4 measurable follicles between 10mm and 13mm (3 on my left ovary, and 1 on my right) which are all on track to mature to the goal size of 20mm or above within the next 4-6 days.

I won’t get ahead of myself this cycle as what I have absolutely learned at this point is that my body is willing and quite capable of making up its own plan mid cycle.  Typically that plan completely deviates from the one that my doctor had in mind and is much less likely to end with a positive pregnancy test.

They are keeping me at the same 150iu injection dose for the next 2 nights and I will head back in on Sunday at 7am for another ultrasound and blood work appointment.