In my humble opinion-I clearly felt I had fallen off track yet again on Wednesday, only to be put right back on it on Thursday morning when my doctor called me and said after reviewing my chart from Wednesday’s scan, that we would not be triggering on Thursday or Friday.  We would continue to stimulate the follicles nightly with injections through Saturday night to get at least 2 of the follicles up to 20mm before trigger.


Faith instilled in the doctors once again.

Foiled by my body once again!!!

Now of course, my body can’t just go with the damn plan man!!  Stick to plan! C ‘mon on already-just stick to the freaking plan for chrissake!

Nope. It’s done with this plan.  In its override mode it is not waiting for the trigger shot tomorrow and an IUI 24 hours later.  It has again created an LH surge to pop whatever is in those follicles out whether or not they’re ready, and of course when there is no one in the doctors office to ask them what I am supposed to do now.

Still inject tonight at 5pm???

Will it hurt the eggs or my chances of getting pregnant if I am shooting hormones into my system after I’ve ovulated???

Is it possible to do an IUI on Sunday morning with absolutely no notice-just show up with the cup of family members and pray they can do it on the fly??

Should we be abstaining from sex because there will be an IUI tomorrow and we don’t want depleted swimmers??