I will wait till she comes at me with the trigger shot tomorrow afternoon before I completely loose my cool at the doctor’s office.

Or at least that is my current plan that I came up with during the 45 minute drive home from the follicle check.  Granted I am rather heated right now because I was stuck with 6 preggo couples, sitting there holding their ultrasound photos looking all happy, in the lobby for 45 minutes because they were running late on their appointments.

My scan showed a less than impressive 18mm and 15mm follicle on CD12 (the rest were all 13’s, 11’s or smaller) so I assumed (shame on me) that we would be upping the dose of this evenings injection to get to the “3 follicles over 20mm” goal that was our plan on Monday.

Well I was wrong.

Instead I was told that she was hoping to get 1 of those 2 follicles to 19mm by tomorrow at 4pm (my next scan) and that we would most likely trigger tomorrow.  She told me to inject the same amount tonight as I have the other 2 nights and then sent me packing.

It was on the car ride home that I let things sink in and I became really f’ing pissed off.  Honestly I am glad there are only 2 big follicles (no chance of triplets there) but what the fuck are we going to trigger tomorrow for if both of those follicles aren’t 20mm or bigger???????

What’s the hurry??

Why not scan me tomorrow and give me another day or two so that I can have two good follicles (by the way that was the same number I had on my first round of clomid which was a FAIL) by the time we trigger???  There is no way that 15mm can grow 5mm over night, 2 nights, that’s a possibility-so what’s with the bums rush???

I’ll tell ya why.  Trigger me on thursday-then the IUI will be on friday afternoon.  Trigger me on friday and that means she’s gonna have to find a doctor to do an IUI on a saturday afternoon.  I will put money on the fact that that is the reason for the big change in plans.  We’ll see what her excuse is, she is going to have to come up with something really good for me to go along with that because there is simply no way in hell I am allowing her to trigger me tomorrow afternoon if I don’t see 2 follicles at 20mm on that ultrasound screen.

No.Fucking.Way.  I will not risk wasting another whole month that I spent hotflashing with horrid headaches, whole body bloat, a belly full of bruises from injections and $300 on prescriptions, gas and tolls because it will inconvenience them to do the IUI on a weekend.

Bail money could very well be needed in Dover NH tomorrow afternoon.  Or at the very least a PA system available to tell everyone off, an emergency exit with inflatable slide for a dramatic escape and a couple beers to depart with.