Sorry for the crickets on here lately-I had actually reached my quota for complaining, bitching and moaning and had actually gotten sick and tired of doing that and even thinking about this craptacular voyage to motherhood-never mind write about it.  I am still anxiously waiting for my October 4th appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Brigham Women’s so that they can take over managing my fertility woes.

While waiting, I am still being seen by Dr. B (with the supposed “magic hands”) who seems to have a love afair with Clomid.  What’s that, you stubbed your toe?  Here take this clomid cycle day 5-9.  What, your arm got caught in a chipper shredder?  Here, I have a great idea lets do clomid cycle day 5-9.  Hmmmmnnn, your head fell off?  Woah-thats big, lets do clomid cycle days 5-9 to see if that works.

After 1 cycle on clomid with not a great response, I asked if we could switch to something new.  I was simply told no.  No reason given.  Well after last months horrid response to clomid that ended worse than any cycle I have ever had non-medicated, I had a melt down and politely asked begged to at least be allowed to combine clomid with a mid cycle booster shot that would ENSURE no less than 1 big, fat, mature, fabulous follicle would develop this cycle.


Woah.  Still shocked about that one.  She even had the ovaries to say that the plan I had requested had been done by 2 women last month and both of them produced 2 mature follicles in time for the IUI.  Now of course I bit my tongue and didn’t immediately blurt out “well then why the hell did we NOT do that for me last cycle”??!!!!  And instead said, “that’s good to know, wish you had thought of that for me after the second scan last month showed my follicles had stopped growing”.  Her response was dead silence.  Hmmmn, good thing this is my last cycle there-I am thinking I have already worn out my welcome.

Depending on how things develop, my path this cycle will start with follicle measuring ultrasounds starting on Monday morning 9/20 along with the follicle boosting shot, a follow up follicle scan on Tuesday afternoon and most likely another scan on Wednesday and the trigger shot to force my big, fat, fabulous follicles to pop those eggs out and then the IUI on Thursday 9/23.  Now of course my body never cooperates with well thought out plans-but on the upside, they will boost me as much as I need to make those follicles big and mature so even if the time table gets pushed back-the end result will be the same-mature follicles and an IUI.

I can honestly say I don’t have any hope of actually being pregnant this month BUT I am definitely at ease knowing that the plan of attack is at least different than what failed the last 2 times-and at least that’s something!