This cycle is officially a bust.

It started off with great potential but all 3 follicles completely stalled out.  Since my cycle day 10 scan  that showed a 16mm, 14mm and an 11mm follicle, there has been absolutely no growth in anyone of them over the past 5 days.  Since the docs would like to see a follicle at 22mm when the body has the LH surge or forced LH surge via a trigger shot  (the event that pops the egg out of the follicle) to ensure that there is a healthy mature egg in there, I was told to go home and grow my eggs some more.

Sadly my body did not cooperate with that plan, and last night it created the LH surge on its own ending any chance I had this month of producing at least 1 big mature follicle.  There will be no IUI this cycle, and certainly no positive pregnancy test in 2 weeks.  Ugh.  Just when you think the 2 week wait couldn’t suck anymore, I found a way to make it even worse-simply just waiting for my period to show up without a chance of being pregnant-yup that’s worse.