No I am not talking about the TV show or the band, I am talking about my lousy good for nothing follicles.  On Saturday-all things looked promising-there were 3 good-sized follicles and we were tentatively scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound today and then the IUI tomorrow afternoon.  I say were because today’s ultrasound showed 3 follicles that were the exact same size they were 48 hours ago.

This is not good.

Not one of them is big enough right now to actually be housing a mature egg.  I am hoping for a miracle tonight.  If one of those eggs doesn’t grow by at least 4mm in the next 2 days we will not be pregnant this cycle either.  The only thing that is worse than only making 1 egg each cycle and not being pregnant is taking a drug, that makes you feel like shit, to help you make multiple eggs in 1 cycle that actually stops you from making any eggs whatsoever.

I have lost all faith in Magic Hands, and to prevent what could potentially be a meltdown of mammoth proportions when this cycle is a bust and she advocates for yet another round of the same exact thing again, I have scheduled an appointment to meet with a Reproductive Endocrinologist from Brigham Women’s fertility clinic on Monday October 4th.

I am also hoping for a miracle that will allow me to cancel that appointment because I am knocked up by then.