I would like to fuck your shit up.

You must be a man, because there is no way that anything with female reproductive organs and a heart could put two people through this much pain and frustration.  We are still trying to recover from our loss, a process that we don’t know how long it will take before the sadness and feelings that we have been unjustly robbed have gone away.

Seriously Universe, it has been almost 7 months to the day of our loss and you don’t even see it fit to at least allow us to be pregnant yet?  That is truly one tough  big sticky pill to swallow with no water and a parched throat.  You have kicked us where it really hurts.  You continue to hold us down after your beating, month after month, but nothing feels as sad as what I know is about to come.

There are simply no words to describe the feelings of jealousy and heartache we will have (regardless of how our journey turns out in the end), while watching our soon to be born niece (who was 1 month behind our baby) grow up over the years to come to give us a forever reminder of the baby girl we lost.  That, Universe, is the lowest blow.  Birth announcement, Christening, first words, first steps, birthday parties, dances, graduations, wedding…event after event that we will have front row tickets to see “what could have been” for the rest of our lives.

You can’t allow me to walk through the rest of my life without a daughter.  You have to make this right.

Thank you,

The Management

ps.  By the way in case you don’t make things right, let this serve as a simple visual reminder…

The Universe BEFORE I fuck your shit up:

The Universe after: