Initially the plan this cycle was to allow my body to create the surge in chemicals (called the LH surge) that pops the egg out of my 2 very ready follicles.   However my body didn’t cooperate.  Instead of waiting it out and hoping I would be able to find my surge using at home urine test strips, and trying to make sure the hubbie’s “family members” have been on deck for no more than 3 days but no less than 2 days on the day after the surge happened AND try to coordinate our schedules last-minute to get in to the office for the IUI  (inter uterine insemination)-I was bent over the table in the office on Monday afternoon and given a shot of hCG in my arse.

This shot is called a trigger shot (it is triggering your ovaries to ovulate), and it is the exact same chemical makeup of the hormone your body makes when you are pregnant.  The chemical make up of hCG is so freakishly similar to the chemical that makes the LH surge that you are able to trick your ovaries into thinking that it is time to ovulate within 24 hours after that shot.  As I had mentioned in the previous post, the downside to that shot means pretty much from the time you get that shot up until as many as 13 days later you will test positive on a home pregnancy test even if you are not pregnant.  The only way you can be sure that a home pregnancy test is accurately picking up the hCG from a newly implanted embryo is to track through your trigger, or test daily for pregnancy.

3 things could potentially happen over the next 9 days…

1.) Home pregnancy tests gradually fade between Monday 7/26 (1 day past ovulation) all they way through to Monday 8/9 (15D.P.O) where there is always a visible line of pink in the test line on the pregnancy test every day.  If this is the scenario-the blood pregnancy test on 8/9 will tell us accurately if we are indeed pregnant or not this cycle.

2.) Home pregnancy tests gradually fade between 1 D.P.O. and sometime next week so that they are completely negative and continue to stay negative through to 15D.P.O.  Again a blood test will be done accurately diagnose, but most likely if this is the case-we aren’t pregnant this cycle.

3.) Home pregnancy tests gradually fade between 1 D.P.O. and sometime next week so that they are completely negative then gradually begin showing a faint positive that gets darker each day until 15D.P.O.   A blood test will still be done, but if this is the case, we are definitely pregnant.

I will update this post daily with the test strip from that morning.  To be a bit economical incase this still isn’t our cycle and I have to buy more tests next month, I will use very sensitive test strips that I buy in bulk so that they cost 20 cents a piece. Once I get 2 days in a row that are negative with the cheapie, then I will test on that day with an expensive and accurate first response test to make sure that I have 2 different tests telling me the same thing with the same exact urine sample.

This is truly weird science!

Day 1 Trigger (Monday 7/26)

Day 2 Trigger (Tuesday 7/27)

Day 3 Trigger (Wednesday 7/28)

Day 4 Trigger (Thursday 7/29)

Day 5 Trigger (Friday 7/30)

Day 6 Trigger (Saturday 7/31)

Day 7 Trigger (Sunday 8/1)

Day 8 Trigger (Monday 8/2)

Day 9 Trigger (Tuesday 8/3)

Day 10 Trigger (Wednesday 8/4)

Day 11 Trigger (Thursday 8/5)

Day 12 Trigger (Friday 8/6)

Day 13 Trigger (Saturday 8/7)

Day 14 Trigger (Sunday 8/8)