Although it wasn’t agreed upon before we headed to the doctor’s office yesterday evening, after wards we both had the feeling like we needed to make what was not exactly the way we thought we would be creating a life just a tiny bit more about us and less about the weird threesome we had just had.

So on a random Tuesday evening we treated ourselves to a little Sushi restaurant with a fabulous view of the river and made a toast (me with my water and hubby with his mai tai ceramic cup with some crazy looking face on it).  The dinner conversation was mixed with dreams of the future, what mr d-dub was up to in the house while we were away today, how we will handle it if is still not our turn this cycle to be on the road to parents and debating who is going to make the call to break that sad news to poor Magic Hands Bertram who’s streak we will have broken if that is the case.

I remembered how much I love my husband for being able to make me laugh and feel like I am the most important woman in the world even when I feel so completely vulnerable and horridly uncomfortable with what this craptacular journey has done to my body.  I had forgotten about the fortune cookies and pineapple chunks that were place on our table when the bill arrived.  I was in the midst of confirming weekend plans with my dad when my hubby made some weird noise that accompanied the facial expression that Sylvester always had when he had sucked tweety bird into his mouth and there was either a feather or a foot or both sticking out of the corner of his mouth when the little old lady would walk in.  He said “this has got to be a sign” and then held his fortune in the palm of his hand so that I could read it….

And while it is misspelled-the coincidence of getting this fortune, at the dinner after our IUI, when I usually get the most ridiculous statements as fortunes opposed to an actual fortune was incredible.