After another early wake up and 45 minute commute to my doctor’s office on a Saturday morning, I was rewarded by finding out I did a good job growing those egg containers!  The biggest follicle was 14mm yesterday, and now its 17.  One of the 10mm’s on the same side (go right ovary go-incidentally that’s the same ovary that made the egg last october that made our baby girl) also had a nice little growth spurt and is now almost 14mm.  Since the follicles usually grow at about the same rate every 24 hours-that means the big one should be about 26mm and the other one around 23mm by Tuesday.  There were a few others around 10mm’s too that could potentially get above 16mm (we want bigger than 16mm to make sure the egg has developed enough before being released).  So even if the ones at 10 don’t grown by 6mm by Tuesday (I should ovulate on Tuesday based on the sizes of the big follicles) we have 2 solid chances this cycle to make a healthy baby!

I was able to convince the Doc to let me ovulate on my own this cycle since my last 5 cycles show clear LH surges (that’s what triggers your body to pop the eggs out of their containers) avoiding having to take a hormone shot that mimics an LH surge.  The down side to the shot (aside from the fact that it is a synthetic hormone that will most likely make me feel like crap) is that it is the exact hormone that your body makes when it is pregnant so home pregnancy tests are designed to look for it in your urine to tell you if you are pregnant or not.  Why is that a down side you ask?  Well because the day after you take that shot is known as 1dpo or 1 day past ovulation.  The shot takes about 12-14 days to clear out of your system (so that’s 13-15 days after you ovulate that if you test for pregnancy, it will be positive, but not necessarily because you are pregnant-it is only the shot you took).

It takes about 2 days for a fertilized egg that has implanted into the uterus to make enough hcg to register on a home pregnancy test.  The average day a fertilized egg actually implants into the uterus is 9DPO (could be as early as 6DPO or as late as 12DPO) which means if you implanted early, you could know as early as 9DPO that you are pregnant!!  That is so much better than waiting 5 more days until 14DPO.  I know normal people think, whats 5 days-please remember, I am not normal.   5 days more of walking around thinking your pregnant when you actually aren’t is an excruciatingly long time!  Statistically speaking, roughly 70% of women test positive for pregnancy by 12 days past ovulation, 85% by 13dpo and over 95% by 14dpo.  No shot this cycle means I can test at 9DPO, 10DPO, 11DPO, 12DPO or 13DPO and if its positive, it is actually because I am pregnant!!

Now on to testing for that LH surge and a whole lot of baby dancing  to try to make a baby over the next 3 days.  A weekend full of making out and painting, hmmmmmnnnnn there could be worse ways to spend time!