Oh the things you learn about your body!

I am in the part of my cycle where I am essentially growing eggs.  However since eggs are microscopic, the only way to judge how the eggs are growing is to look at the size of the container each egg is in with an ultrasound.  The bigger the container, the more developed the egg.  The more developed the egg, the better chance it will be healthy and make a normal baby if fertilized by normal sperm.

Each month women typically develop one follicle (egg container) that becomes dominant because it is the biggest and makes the most chemical messenger that stops all the other eggs from growing any more (the body’s way of trying to prevent a pregnancy with multiple babies unlike a hamster, mice or dogs who have litters).  Once that follicle gets around 22mm in size, it sends out a signal that it is ready and the body creates a surge (know as the LH surge) to pop open that follicle and send the egg out to the fallopian tubes.

Right now, I have one big follicle on my right ovary-its 14mm in size, there are a couple other smaller ones 10mm or under on that side too (they are the black circles).  My left ovary wasn’t worth printing a scan of-there were many little follicles, (under 10mm) but no big ones.

Follicles grow at a steady rate between 1-3mm per day.  We are guessing right now that I will actually ovulate in 4 days.  Since my doctor doesn’t care too much for guessing, I am scheduled to go back in tomorrow morning (24 hours after today’s scan) to have them measured again so that we can get an idea of

#1 how fast I grow follicles per 24 hour time period

#2 how many of these will be above 20mm’s (so that we know roughly how many potential fiscababy’s there could be this cycle)

#3 when they should be done growing and sending out their signal so that we can make sure there are plenty of sperm there to get the job done!

This whole process is fascinating!  If you think about it-if we actually have success this cycle and it’s healthy, this is more than likely the first scan of what will become our baby.  How cool is that?  If not, this is just a scan of another lousy good for nothing piece of crap bad egg.  Of course, like always, we must wait because only time will tell!